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So easy, even an actual five-year-old can draw it (probably not entirely accurate, but great job nonetheless Leonardo!

Introduction and thanks

In my previous post, I described what Polkadot was and…

UPDATE: Join us the Web 3 Chat discussion: http://tiny.cc/web3chat, #polkadot channel. You can also ask questions on the Web 3 subreddit

Disclaimer: all opinions on this blog are mine and mine only. I write about projects I enjoy. Back in December 2013 I wrote extensively about a little-known project called…

This is the first of a series on the set of technologies loosely referenced as “Web 3.0”. In particular, it takes a deep dive into the often overlooked multichain Polkadot paper released back in late 2016, highlighting its significance within an increasingly complex set of heterogenous environments.

UPDATE: we now…

We mentioned Share&Charge on our blog before and we’re proud to announce the official release of their app following a 5 day ‘soft launch’, effectively on-boarding over a thousand of charging stations on the public Ethereum blockchain.

P2P EV charging becomes a reality in Germany

Share&Charge is a project by…

A quick update on the research we are conducting at Slock.it.

Self-driving (or self-flying etc.) vehicles aren’t autonomous by default. Yes, they can drive themselves from A to B, but autonomy doesn’t end at removing operators.

Screenshot from our Share&Charge project — An Electric Vehicle (EV) charges itself at a traffic light

In fact, the savings incurred by operating autonomous vehicles could be negated by the…

Aeternity (http://www.aeternity.com/) is a new crypto project that makes several bold claims including being “fully scalable”. Yanislav Malahov, their Founder, was kind enough to provide me with an early copy of their whitepaper back in December.

Sure is pretty, but does it deliver the goods?

The Aeternity paper is clear and concise. Developers and corporates alike will be glad…

Is it possible to run an organization without managers, employees or even a formal head office? Can it be run entirely decentralized and autonomous?

At TEDx Graz, Christoph Jentzsch presented blockchain enabled government structures as well as the story of “The DAO, the largest crowdfunding project in history”.

A State Channel is in essence a two-way discussion channel between users, or between a user and a service (a machine). Messages take the form of transactions, such as “I want to buy a beer for 3$” or “I want to rent this TV channel for one hour for 5$”…

Because I’ve been asked this question at recent meetups, on Twitter and on slack, I’ll hazard a guess. Keep in mind I’m not a trader and that I do not even pretend to play one on television.

There are two ways to think about the price of ether. One is…

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